André Matos guitar
Demian Cabaud bass
Colin Stranahan drums

Quare is the latest release (2010).
André Matos- guitar
Leo Genovese- piano, rhodes, wurlitzer and optigan
Thomas Morgan- bass
Ted Poor- drums
Sara Serpa- voice
Noah Preminger- sax

"Rosa-Shock"- Andre Matos's latest release. It was recorded in Portugal and released by Tone of a Pitch. It features vocalist Sara Serpa, pianist Albert Sanz, bassist Demian Cabaud and drummer Alex Frazao.

Time Out Review (Lisbon) of "ROSA-SHOCK"

"O segundo disco do guitarrista André Matos assenta num trio com contrabaixo (Demian Cabaud) e bateria (Alexandre Frazao, em mais um desempenho admiravel), a que se somam numas ocasioes a voz de Sara Serpa, noutras o piano de Albert Sanz, de forma que so ha duas faixas em trio- uma delas, "Rosa-Shock", é o melhor tema do CD e faz desejar que o trio tivesse mais espaço por sua conta.

André Matos faz uso inventivo e criterioso dos pedais para criar ambientes diferenciados e os temas, embora comunguem de uma mesma estética, evitam habilmente a monotonia. Recomenda-se em particular "Lisboa for Beginners", que desperta envolto em névoa impressionista e acaba banhado em Sol, e ficaria a matar nos iPods de quem gosta de vaguear por esta cidade."

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"Small Worlds"- Andre Matos's first album, released by Fresh Sound New Talent. It features saxophonist Nathan Blehar, pianist Leo Genovese, bassist Demian Cabaud and drummer Ziv Ravitz.

"Though guitarist André Matos uses a minimalist approach dotted with sparse notes and a delicate tone, the music on this debut stands out loud and clear, with compositional bravado. The opening piece “Surrealistic Cous-Cous" is painted with a moog synthesizer and a funky repeating bass riff which deceptively gives way to music covering a variety of moods like the emotive warmth on “Transatlantic Affair." Many pieces have an air of simple melodicism such as “Los Pasos" with a focus on the group dynamic rather than individual solos. With band members from Portugal, North America, Israel, and Argentina, the music restates the truth that the jazz community is indeed a small world." Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz

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"Baligo Songs" by Mikado Lab. The Portuguese drummer Marco Franco's band that features Andre Matos, pianist Ana Araujo and bassist Pedro Goncalves.

"This clever and alert band from Lisbon draws a wide circle connecting rock and jazz and electronic music, but with enough economy and fizzy fun not to lose its plot. Most of the tracks on “Baligo" (Tone of a Pitch), the band’s assured first record, are four minutes or less; they’re all written by Marco Franco, the drummer, who has a special ear for serpentine, flowing melodies. Some of these tunes could be recast as serious pieces of jazz for a murmuring acoustic band. Instead they’re simply arranged, rough and ready." Ben Ratliff, new york times Feb 17th 2008

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Sound It Out is João Lencastre´s 3rd album. For TOAP 2010.
João Lencastre- drums
Thomas Morgan- bass
André Matos- guitar
Jacob Sacks- piano
Phil Grenadier- trumpet
David Binney- alto sax
Ben Van Gelder- alto sax

"Praia" - The Portuguese vocalist Sara Serpa's quintet latest release. It features Andre Matos, pianist Vardan Ovsepian, saxophonist Greg Osby, bassist John Lockwood and drummer Nick Falk.

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"Communion"- Portuguese drummer Joao Lencastre's band that features a great cast of jazz musicians. Phil Grenadier on trumpet, Bill Carrother on piano, Demian Cabaud on bass and Andre Matos on guitar.

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