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This week, November 9th-12th, I will be in Portugal playing with "Lost in translation", a trio led by bassist André Carvalho with saxophonist José Soares. Go to shows for more info. You can listen to this project here.

Announcing two new albums - both guitar duos: Microlife with the great Ryan Pate and A call for warmth with the amazing Simon Jermyn. Thanks for listening!




André Matos is a NYC based and Portuguese native multi faceted guitarist whose main focus, in recent years, has been playing solo guitar. Matos creates original songs, moments and landscapes, using traditional guitar sounds as well as expanding through effect manipulation and looping. His stellar career in jazz and songs is shown through several collaborations over the last 15 years, namely two critically acclaimed albums co-led with singer Sara Serpa, as well as several iterations of his own trio of guitar-bass-drums. 



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